Our advantage

The mature companies in the field of industry development for many years,With high specialization、Integrated humanized service,The realization of the maximum value of the design space!
  • Professional、High efficiency、High quality

    Quanzhou, electronic co., LTD., is developed、Production、Sales of radio communications equipment of professional manufacturers。The company now has6000㎡In an industrial building,2000㎡The staff dormitory of a building,Fixed assets2000More than ten thousand yuan。
    Professional wireless communication equipment provider

    Set product research and development、Product sales、The supply chain as one of professional radio communications equipment providers,Facing the global market,Products are sold30To many countries and regions,Efforts to provide customers with professional、High quality products and services。

    Product diversity

    Long-term commitment to radio terminals、Professional wireless communication system solutions,Products and solutions are widely used in industry and business、Forestry、The traffic、Marine fishery emergency communication、Command scheduling and daily communication, etc。

  • Good credibility and satisfaction

    Insist on technology“To explore the unknown、Pursuit of perfection”The innovative thinking,Create a whole professional atmosphere,Understand and meet the different needs of customers to win professional customer's long-term trust。
    Core values

    , stick to it“The good faith、Quality、Service、Innovation”The cultural idea。Setting up enterprise culture is characteristic of itself,Staff motivation and creativity,Can make the enterprise employees work in alignment with your own position,Constantly realize own value,At the same time, the enhancement enterprise's cohesive force。

    The advantage of contrast in the same industry

    Price and quality、Service、The ratio of credibility in the industry has a strong advantage。We are from the company to development,In line with“The way of the world,In the letter;The way of industry,Skilled in attendance!”Business enterprise aim。

  • Technology is given priority to Quality first

    Adhere to the research and development high investment,Supported by technology innovation and promote the development of the company。Whole,After more than 20 years of precipitation,The r&d team has a leading position in the field,In software development、The hardware circuit design、The structure design、Graphic design and so on various aspects technology talents。
    The high quality solutions

    Pay attention to research and development decisions、Technological innovation、Innovation incentives and so on。To strengthen technical cooperation development,Combining with their own advantages,Complement each other,With some universities for a long time、Technology alliance enterprises to carry out technical cooperation。

    Honest beginning、Strive for perfection

    , stick to it “Honest beginning、Strive for perfection、Fast and efficient、Constant innovation”The quality policy,By the good faith as the cornerstone of company's business。In the aspect of quality excellence、Continuous improvement,Create high quality supply chain system。

Products advanced technology、The function is all ready、Stable quality and reliable service,For the company won the customers praise and trust from all over the world,Become one of the leading professional manufacturer of wireless communication products。

News and information

The company has perfect product testing center,For the company's new product research and development、The quality of the product manufacturing strictly controlled provide strong guarantee。

Using field

Products are sold30To many countries and regions,Widely used in industry and business、Forestry、The traffic、Marine fishery emergency communication、Command scheduling and daily communication, etc。
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